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Raw finish and ready for expert powder-coating
or paint them yourself to your own tastes.

Motorspot, Inc.
Truespoke wire wheels
A registered trademark
Telephone: 760-731-8301

Hand-built in California to precision standards.
As used by America's top restoration shops and customizers.
Also available with stainless steel spokes and nipples
for $200 per wheel extra

Show Quality Powder-coating: $55.00 per wheel
Candy colors: $65.00 per wheel

Please click here to view color chart
Please click here to view hubcaps and trim rings
Click here for our measuring guide to help select correct wheel

Important Note! If you purchase bare hot rod wire wheels with the intention of having them powder-coated elsewhere, the high heat involved in the powder-coat process will melt our silicone liner and the wheel will leak air. Please request further information from us before ordering. Thank you.

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Above: 52 spoke bare wire wheel is shown with ribbed trim ring and early Ford V8 hubcap. Hub caps and trim rings are not included in below prices.
Bolt patterns available: 5 on 4.5", 5 on 4.75",
5 on 5" and 5 on 5.500"

Wheel Diameter and Width Backspace
Custom and reverse backspaces available
Price Per Wheel
14 X 6 3.00" $320.00
15 X 4.5
No trim ring is available for this size wheel
1.50" $320.00
15 X 5 2.00" $320.00
15 X 6 3.00" $320.00
15 X 7 4.00" $330.00
15 X 8 4.25" $335.00
15 X 10 4.25" $395.00
16 X 4.5" 1.50" $455.00
16 X 6" 3.00" $465.00
16 X 7" 4.00" $470.00
16 X 8" 4.25" $475.00
16 X 10" 4.50" $515.00
17 X 7" 4.00" $600.00
17 X 8" 4.00" $600.00
17 X 9" 4.00" $600.00
18 X 5.5" 2.25" $675.00
18 X 8" 4.00" $670.00
20 X 5.5" 2.25" $765.00
20 X 9" 4.00" $765.00

1931 Ford - 15 and 16" Hot Rod Wires
Bengal Red Powdercoat
Owners: Dave & Linda Adler

1959 Corvette - Owner: Daniel Eriksson

1936 Chevrolet Pick-Up
Owner: Mr. Allen Carpenter

Owner: Mikael Johansson

1931 Ford - Owner: Mr. Mike Brownstein

Owner: Mr. John Duggan - Truespoke Hot Rod Chrome Wire Wheels with narrow whitewalls


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