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Truespoke Wire Wheels are an iconic brand of spoked, chrome-plated wheels. Founded in Anaheim, California in 1974, Truespoke wire wheels are America's favorite wire wheels. Whether you own a classic car, hot rod, lowrider or muscle car, Truespoke has a style that is just right for you.
Brochure cover shown to the left introduced the full line of Truespoke wire wheels.
All types of automobiles are represented.

The Truespoke brand was built upon three main styles; the Truespoke, Trueray and Trueclassic. These unique patterns quickly gained a loyal following that has lasted and grown from generation to generation. Each wheel style was engineered carefully for safety and enduring beauty. Along with the spoke patterns, each wheel style had its own distinctive hubcap or spinner. The Truespoke name has always been a point of pride and prestige.
Brochure cover to the left shows the Truespoke and Trueray wheels.

As word spread about Truespoke wire wheels, demand continued to soar. At their peak, 2-3,000 wheels were being built per month. The photos shown above were taken at Cragar Industries factory during the 1980's. Cragar could not build Truespoke wheels fast enough.
Photo shown on the left is an original wheel box. Since 1974, the Truespoke logo with the stylized E in the middle has always been shown on our wheels.

Truespoke Wire Wheels built since 2003 have been improved in many different ways without changing the original style. The Truespoke line of wheels are "bolt-on" type. The wheels bolt directly on to your car. There is no need to use adapters, knock-off hubs or hammers.
Photo shown to the left compares a modern Truespoke hub to an original hub.

Truespoke Wire Wheels are no-longer mass-produced. Instead, each set is hand-crafted here in California. Careful attention is paid to precision construction and manufacturing techniques designed to offer our customers the best possible performance. Our chrome plating is show-quality or the wheels will not leave our workshop. For generations, Truespoke wire wheels have been the number one choice of both auto enthusiasts and professional customizers and restoration shops. We invite you to call or email us for more information.

Many of America's top show cars ride on Truespoke Wire Wheels. Shown to the left is Mr. Jesus Villalobos' multi-show winning Impala. The Truespoke staff love to find the right wheel and tire combination for any car, whether it be a daily driver to International Show Winner.