1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass - Owner: Terry D

Vintage Corvette Show Car - Owner: Renzo

Mr. Hector Quintanilla owns this 1981 Chevrolet Malibu with 14 X 7" Truespokes

1959 Chevrolet Biscayne - Owner: Mr. Ben O'Con - 15X6" Artillery wheels with American Classic wide whitewall radials

1960 Impala - Owner: Mr. Andersson of Scandanavia

1933 Plymouth - Owner: Mr. Stephen York - Wheel Restoration

  •  Mr. Carmine Artiglio walked off with all the marbles in the Best of the 60's class at this month's Cruisin' for a Cure event in Orange County, California. Carmine runs Truespoke 50 spoke wire wheels on his amazing Chrysler. These wheels offer just another option for MoPar owners. For more information on our Truespoke 50-spoke line, please click on this link.



1963 Cadillac with 15 X 6" Truespokes - Owner: Ryno - Click on above photo for more images

1956 Buick mild-kustom. Owner: Mr. Ed Labelle - Absolutely incredible!

1965 Mustang - Owners:  Derek & Margaret Small of the U.K. 14" Truespokes with P185/75R14 narrow whitewalls

Mr. Steve Wright of Mariposa, California owns this 1955 Buick with original 50-spoke Truespokes.

tThis 1966 Pontiac Tempest is owned by Dr. Steven Alvarez-Mott o

Rick and Deb Huskisson of Newmarket Ontario enjoy rides in the country in their 38 Ford 5 window deluxe coupe.This July we drove to Syracuse for the Right Coast Nationals were our car was chosen for best use of color. I think our  wires may have helped. They sure look good. Thanks TRUESPOKE!

Hi Dave and Linda  Received, installed and love our 3 spoke knock off spinners. Unfortunately we got snowed in and didn't make the Detroit Autorama. We did however make it to Toronto's Performance World which is the largest indoor show in Canada. Our car was chosen "BEST IN CLASS" Once again I am sure our wires made a difference and we got a lot of inquiries as to were to buy some. We proudly told people where to inquire about the new and improved Tru Spoke wires. Once again thanks guys

I've attached a few pictures of my car with the new Truespoke wire wheels as I promised. These photos were taken at a local car show and it was the first chance I had to take some pictures. The end result is outstanding and I have received many compliments on the beautiful new wires! Thanks for all your help, Joe Licciardello

Mr. Darrel Copeman of Byron, Michigan chose Truespoke to build his 18 inch wire wheels for his outstanding 1931 Chevrolet. The wheels are 18 X 8" and 18 X 5.5" and use 52 chrome-steel spokes. This is our Hot Rod style wheel.


  • Jim and Kathy Peters of Olympia, Washington sent us the above before and after photos of their special Buick Riviera with this kind note, "We received the wire wheels you made for us this week and had them put on our car. We think they are beautiful and really make the car look special. If anyone has any doubts as to what a difference your wheels can make, please feel free to show them the before and after photos of our car that we are enclosing.
    Thank you from two very satisfied customers." Jim and Kathy Peters.

  • 1982 Buick Regal - Mr. Andre Howard - St. Petersburg, Florida
    "Hello Truespoke, here are four pictures for your review.  As you can see, the Truespoke Wire Wheels
    really brings out the character of the car.  Thanks"



Above: Shinobu from Parliament Car Club - Japan - 1951 Chevrolet on 2008 Truespokes - 14 X 6 Reversed

Above: 1950 Chevrolet Fleetline - Owner: Mr. A. House - 2008 Truespoke Customer

Above 5 photos taken January 26, 2009 at the Grand National Roadster Show

It is not unusual for us to prepare custom-built wire wheels for trikes such as the one owned by our customer, Mr. Stephen Wells of San Antonio, Texas. This Harley Davidson powered rig runs our 52-spoke Hot Rod style wire wheels. The spokes are chrome plated steel and the hub and outer rim are powdercoated in an ink-black finish. The hub caps are stainless steel. The wheels measure 15 X 8" with a 3.25" backspace on a reverse pattern. Notice the perfect fit within the wheel wells.

Above: Ron and Cristy Sheehan of Fortuna, California own this choice 1946 Ford Woodie with rare blue-cap spinners. Check out the giant redwoods!

Owner: Mr. Bob Hurst of San Diego, California - 1962 Chevrolet Corvette
Interview with Mr. Hurst

  • 1)    What size wheels are those?      
  • The wheels are 15 x 7 standard offset.
  • 2)    How many spokes           
  • There are 45 spokes.             
  • 3)    Can you describe the spinners and how they are attached?   
  • The spinners are 56-62 Corvette hubcap spinners.  Current price is $170.00  I'm currently on my 2nd set because they don't hold up as well as your chrome.
  • 4)    Any rust on your wheels?                   
  • There is no rust, but several spokes on each wheel are starting to "yellow." ....but there is no pitting (maybe time for new ones soon?)
  • 5)    What size tires are you running? Is there plenty of room in the wheel wells?    
  • Tires are 215 / 65 R15.  Yes there is plenty of room in the wheel wells and it has disc brakes on the front.
  • 6)    How much did you pay in 1991 for the wheels?          
  • The wheels (actually purchased on February 27,1992, my error) were $720 for the wheels plus $30 for the lug nuts. 
  • Total for tires, mounting, valves, and balance: $1110.40.

    These are 16 X 7 inch Truespokes with standard "donut" style cap

    Owner: John T

1934 Ford - Owner: Mr. Alan Bonner, Jr., Raleigh, NC

Kyohei from Wheels Unlimited in Japan sent us these photos of his primo 1964 Riviera with Cragar spinners


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