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Wire Wheel Restoration
Truespoke Certified Restoration

Motorspot, Inc.
Truespoke wire wheels
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Telephone: 760-731-8303



Telephone: 760-731-8303

Email: sales@truespoke.net

Do you have the good fortune to own vintage Truespoke wire wheels?

Unfortunately, some early Truespokes have not aged well and can suffer from rust and corrosion, damaged rims or broken spokes, to name a few problems. Even though we are back in production with our classic 50-spoke rear wheel drive wire wheels and our updated version of the Tru=classic and Tru=ray wire wheels, it may make good sense to restore your original wheels. Some of the reasons for restoration are:

  • 1. Your vintage wheels are not in production. Some examples are front wheel drive, four lug bolt patterns, non-standard bolt patterns, extra-wide rims and unique diameters and backspaces.

  • 2.  Your wheels are unique, have sentimental value or you plain prefer the 'old skool look of early Truespokes.

  • 3.  You require special updates to your vintage Truespokes such as stainless steel spokes and nipples, wider outer rims or colorization.

We now offer, certified, Truespoke restorations. Let the company with the most experience restore your wheels to better than new or show quality condition. This is what we do to your wheels:

  • A.  Take your wheels apart and inspect for any damage or imperfections. Repair any problems detected.

  • B.  Repair or replace your outer rim.

  • C.  Install new spokes, either chrome-steel or stainless steel.

  • D.  Polish to perfection all parts.

  • E.  Chrome plate all parts using a chrome plating process with a copper base, a layer of nickel and a thick layer of chrome. We then hand-polish all parts to show quality standards.

  • F.  Assemble, true and seal your wheel.

  • G.  We certify your wheel as a Truespoke restoration, a fact you can be proud of and certain to add value to your already valuable wire wheels.

Cost: Restoration can meet or exceed the cost of a new wheel, depending upon the condition of your wheels and also what modifications you wish to make. However, over time, the cost of restoration will prove to be a great value. All you have to do is check on the internet as to what vintage Truespokes are selling for.

Restoration time: It usually takes between four to eight weeks to correctly restore your wire wheels. It is more involved to restore a wheel than to build a new one.

For more information, simply email us or telephone our office to discuss your restoration needs. We can also restore other brands and styles of wire wheels as well. Please put our years of experience behind your wire wheel restoration requirments.

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August 9, 2009