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Unique styling like no other brand - Compare the quality and design to the competition

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Left: Powder-coated Artillery Wheel with smooth trim ring - Right: Chrome-plated Artillery Wheel. Both wheels are Standard pattern.
Hub caps and trim rings are not included in below prices.
We can also build custom backspaces in standard or reverse styles for $15.00 extra per wheel.

Please click here to view our available optional backspacings

Bolt patterns available: 5 on 4.5", 5 on 4.75",
  5 on 5", 5 on 5.500" and 6 on 5.500"
Center Bore Size: 3.172" Hubcap Hole Size: 7 5/8"

Show Quality Powder-coating: $50.00 per wheel
Candy colors: $65.00 per wheel
Please click here to view color chart
Please click here to view hubcaps and trim rings

Wheel Diameter & Width   Standard Backspace Chrome Price Per Wheel Bare Price Per Wheel
15 X 4.5 2.25" $218.00 $147.00
15 X 5 2.675" $211.00 $141.00
15 X 6 3.50" $211.00 $145.00
15 X 7 4.00" $218.00 $149.00
15 X 8 4.00" $223.00 $153.00
15 X 10 4.50" $249.00 $206.00
15 X 12 4.50" $425.00 $230.00
15 X 14 4.50" $449.00 $268.00

America's favorite wheels since 1974

Motorspot, Inc.
Truespoke wire wheels
A registered trademark
Telephone: 760-731-8301 - 9 -6 PST

"Here is a picture of my 1950 CHEVY FLEETLINE which you helped with giving that  EXTRA CLASSIC TOUCH"
Owner: Mr. Danny Martinez of Las Vegas. Size: 15 X 6". We also have wide whitewall tire packages available.



October 6, 2014


















Artillery Wheels, artilery wheels

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